Welcome to the official Multivers NFT Collection.

You're welcome to my first NFT project which come from my passion for digital design and univers, all the univers, even those we haven't discover yet. Let me introduce mine, and get your own parcel !

Who ? 👋

Hi everyone ! I'm StarKiller, a french digital designer based in planet Earth. I always was fascinated by the univers, which's far from us, unattainable and sometimes inexplicable. His beauty come from what we can imagine from our planet, no sound, no gravity, no time passing... nobody ? Do you want to come with me ? Take part of the adventure and imagine together what we can find over there ?

How ? ✍️

Design with Illustrator and Photoshop
Dimension: 2000x2000px
File: PNG

Policy ID 💫


Season #01 - ExoPlanet 🔭

Get your own parcel of the univers !
Launch: Nov. 4th 2021 | 8PM UTC

Season #02 - Civilization 🏢

Choose the civilisation you want to see evolve on your planet !
Launch: In coming
Purchase: In coming

The Fellowship of the rings 👽